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Autumn Renga

Monica A. Hand

I’m grateful for Monica A. Hand, poet and Guest Curator, for Mom Egg Review’s VOX MOM blog page.  Monica and I have known one another for many years—we met in Washington, DC as budding poets.  Back then, Monica and I would gather with a handful of other women and share food and drink and good company while practicing the renga form.  I didn’t realize how much I miss having that kind of community until recently when Monica tapped me on the shoulder to try this digital, long-distance version.  At first, it wasn’t really working so well.  Monica started the poem using email. So a verse would pop up out of the blue and it felt, sadly, like an intrusion—just like email tends to feel (I’m speaking for myself here, of course).  We fell behind with the verses.  Then we decided to try Skype on a Sunday morning.  And—bam—the whole thing came together.   (more…)

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