Artist Statement

Typically drafted by some method of collage or sampling, my work has been described as “nonlinear,” and occasionally mimics song arrangements and folktales.

My first poetry collection, Hemming the Water, speaks to the futility of trying to mend or straighten a life that constantly changes.  In that book, I attempt to redirect the disruptions of motherhood and domestic life by employing them through sound and rhythm.  I feel emboldened by the potentiality of multiple lives for literature—writing that can exist on the traditional printed page, in an electronic format, or transition to another genre.

I enjoy making found poems and centos, and creating new sonic and linguistic patterns.  These experimentations have led to dynamic collaborations, including contributions to Marvel Comics’ anthology World of Wakanda and Black Panther & The Crew.

I work toward clarity about a question or predicament, rather than a neat resolution.