Do you ever have that feeling of traveling someplace for one thing only to find you’re there to bear witness to another? That’s the feeling I had yesterday as I walked past a nearby church where hundreds of people were gathered for a funeral.  I know it wasn’t true, but it looked like every black citizen in Chestertown, Maryland was gathered on this small section of road where men, women, and young people were decked out in jeans, jackets, and white t-shirts designed with the face of the deceased and clearly beloved man. People kept arriving into afternoon. A woman led a prayer in the parking lot.  You know that life between the life we lead? Beyond the brochures? I felt it reaching. And resting outside the church entrance was a motorcycle hearse that looked something like the one pictured here. I didn’t dare take a photo of the real thing, which was far more arresting, shiny, silver, and black. And the carriage was clear. For a moment, I just stood there staring at it—it looked like it would fly.

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