Into Orbit at SIX x ATE



Casey Droege.  What can I say?  She’s the crush that keeps on giving.  In addition to being a gifted artist, she contributes greatly to the artistic community here in Pittsburgh.  SIX x ATE is a great example of this.  6 artists + 1 chef = all good.  On Saturday, August 17th, Casey took this show on the road and brought three Pittsburgh artists + three Cleveland artists together for another installment.  The theme: symbiotic (each participant discusses his or her art making process in relation to the event theme).  Casey’s invitation was a real blessing because it allowed me to “dig deeper” into my recent sound experiments in poetry.  My residency at The Rose O’Neill Literary House (where I failed miserably, I might add) really prepared me for this event.  So thank you (again) to the Rose O’Neill folks.  Anyway, SIX x ATE gave me the opportunity to move from text to sound in a way that felt much more organic and “right.”  You’ll have to read on to hear what I made.

Into Orbit: An Experiment in Sound and Found Poetry

Another factor: six of my new colleagues at The University of Pittsburgh.  We just finished an awesome two-week Digital Camp which really helped me build more skills in audio and recording.  The work I created for SIX x ATE is called “Into Orbit.”  It’s a found poem and the music is by Electricwest.  Electricwest made this particular musical track available through Ourmedia, a collaboration with Creative Commons and the Internet Archive.  I’ve never met this artist and he does not endorse my work, but I’m grateful for everyone who contributes to the Creative Commons.  I’ll be posting more about open source materials and my overall process of making “Into Orbit” and other works in the coming days.  In the meantime, have a listen.  This is completely new territory for me.  Looking forward to more feedback on this project. 

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